Vacationing In Louisiana With Barry Dufrene

Looking for a unique vacation spot? One of the best travel destinations in the US is the culturally diverse state of Louisiana. This historic state is rich with background that visitors and natives alike can easily become entranced in. Southern Louisiana native Barry Dufrene is one such inhabitant that has spent many years discovering new places to explore and learn about. Here is a list of a few things travelers should see while in this wonderful state:

  1. Louisiana Arts and Science Museum – Baton Rouge, Louisiana
  2. Avery Island – Avery Island, Louisiana
  3. The French Quarter – New Orleans, Louisiana
  4. Great River Road-Plantation Country – along the Great River Road following the Mississippi River
  5. Jean Lafitte National Historical Park and Preserve – Acadiana, Barataria Preserve, Chalmette, and The French Quarter
  6. Historic Natchitoches – Natchitoches
  7. Swam Tours – available statewide
  8. Steamboat Natchez – Natchez, Louisiana
  9. City Parks – New Orleans Botanical Garden – New Orleans, Louisiana
  10. Audubon Zoo – New Orleans, Louisiana

These are just a small few of the many historic and fun places to visit in Louisiana. Another noteworthy place that isn’t on the list is located in St. Mary Parish. The Cypress Manor/Mardi Gras Museum is a staged home that depicts life in Morgan City, Louisiana and the 1900s. It also includes Mardi Gras costume exhibits that are updated frequently.

Barry Dufrene is a resident of Morgan City who is a Certified Public Accountant (CPA), Chief Financial Officer (CFO), and businessman dedicated to helping the community.

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Becoming A CPA Featuring Barry Dufrene

Ever wondered how large organizations are able to manage their finances efficiently when most of us can barely manage an individual tax return? Most – if not all – recruit the help of Certified Public Accountants (CPAs) such as Louisiana native Barry Dufrene.

CPA’s are skilled masters of budgeting, taxes, and overall financial health. They use their extensive education and knowledge to help individuals and companies understand complicated tax laws in order to maintain compliance while saving money. CPAs can also specialize in a narrowed down field of accounting such as personal finance.

Everyone has to start somewhere, and before a prospective CPA can officially use the title and start finding employment, they must first become licensed. This process consists of a four part exam in addition to a four year degree program. Some areas also require a certain amount of hands on experience before the budding accountant can even qualify for the exam.

Passing the CPA certification exam is often said to be extremely difficult with a fair amount of studying involved. However, once the exam is passed, the title of CPA can legally be used and opportunities should start opening up pretty quickly.

CPAs are in high demand due to economic hardship as well as ever evolving tax regulations. Companies and individuals alike are seeking help not only to comprehend these laws but also to minimize financial loss in an ethical way.

After over 3 decades of service as a CPA, Barry Dufrene is no stranger to helping others out of tough times. He currently resides in Morgan City, Louisiana where he is an active part of helping his community of St. Mary Parish.

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Bike Riding for Beginners – Barry Dufrene’s Tips for Success

Need to learn how to ride a bike or teach someone else how to enjoy the sport? Bike riding is a fun and healthy past-time that also serves as an environmentally friendly way to get around town. Barry Dufrene is a long-time cyclist who rides every single day in his hometown of Morgan City, Louisiana. Here are some tips he followed as a novice biker to learn how to ride:

  • Find a safe spot. Beginning bikers are often prone to falling. For this reason, try to start becoming familiar with your bike in an area that is heavily saturated with traffic or other potential hazards such as road construction.
  • Practice bicycle safety. Make sure to learn the rules of the road and avoid riding on sidewalks when possible. Also make sure to have the appropriate gear handy. A helmet should be worn at all times to prevent head injuries as a result of falling. Knee and elbow pads are also helpful for beginning cyclists until they become more confident in their skills.
  • Become familiar with the brakes. While this may seem like an obvious step to most seasoned cyclists, there are actually a couple of different places the breaking mechanism can be located – the most common being a lever on the handlebars.
  • Mount the bicycle. When mounting the bicycle for the first time, lowering the seat a little will help until balance becomes more of a second nature. This step may not be needed for particularly young children as their bikes are usually already pretty low.
  • Practice balancing by sitting on the bike with feet flat on the ground. This helps to get a feel for the center of gravity needed to maintain an upright position and really helps the rider to feel more comfortable on their bike in general.
  • Get prepared for the ride. Make sure the seat is adjusted to a level that makes reaching the pedals most comfortable. Also make sure to have a helmet securely fastened and a helping hand near in case of any accidents.
  • Get on your bike and pedal to success!

Barry Dufrene is a daily rider and used similar tips to get his cycling off to a great start.

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A Snapshot of Bicycle History Including Barry Dufrene

The bicycle has been around for longer than most would probably assume. The original prototype was invented in Germany in 1817. However, the term “bicycle” wasn’t coined until the 1860s in France. There is also a sketch attributed to a student of Leonardo da Vinci that is claimed to be from as early as 1493. The authenticity of this sketch has undergone much debate. Barry Dufrene is an avid cyclist who makes time to ride every single day around his home in southern Louisiana.

Since the 1800s there have been countless different versions of the bicycle including 3 and 4 wheeled variations, bicycles with one large wheel and one small, and even an early design that was foot propelled with no pedals. The evolution of the bicycle even continues today with such hybrids like the 2005 Giant Innova and the 2008 Nazca Fuego.

Bicycling has many benefits – which is probably a large part of why it has remained popular throughout the centuries. It serves as an energy efficient mode of transport that is quicker than walking and more private than public transportation. Bicycling also provides excellent aerobic exercise – strengthening the lungs and heart as well as the muscles of the legs and core. The sport is also a fun recreational past time that serves as a means of bonding between friends and relatives. Some people such as Lance Armstrong even employ cycling as a career.

Barry Dufrene is dedicated to this sport and amassed one thousand miles in the year 2014 alone. He intends to continue his love for cycling for many years to come.

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St. Mary Parish – Historic Area in Southern Louisiana

In Louisiana, St. Mary Parish is located on the Southern, coastal edge of the state. Much of its economy is derived from fishing in the Gulf of Mexico, and from the oil industry. Many energy companies have operations in the waters south of the Parish. The Parish seat is located in Franklin, a charming medium-sized town. The population of St. Mary Parish is estimated at 54,650 people, with a population density of 98 people per square mile. The Parish is unusual because about fifty percent of its total area is water.

St. Mary Parish was established in 1811. By the time the Census established a population count for the Parish in 1830, the population of the Parish was almost 6,500. St. Mary Parish experienced a population boom, with its total population increasing by 36%, between 1950 and 1960. The population leveled off by 1970, and has seen its population decline steadily from 1980 to 2000. The most recent census, in 2010, showed a 2.1% increase from its 2000 population. The largest cities in the Parish are Morgan City, Franklin, and Patterson. William Joseph Seymour, considered by many the most influential African American minister of the twentieth century and pastor of the Azusa Street Revival, is from St. Mary Parish.

Barry Dufrene is from Morgan City in St. Mary Parish and worked in the Parish Sales and Use Tax Department for 32 years before accepting a position as the CFO of Yellow Fin Marine Services near his home in Morgan City.

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US Tax Accounting – Opportunities for CPAs

Certified Public Accountants (CPAs) have a wide range of possibilities for their career after they earn their certification. In the United States, tax accounting is one of the specialties that CPAs can choose to build their skills and experience in.

Unlike other countries, the U.S. has a separate and comprehensive set of accounting principles for tax purposes that are prescribed by tax law. These principles are different from the Generally Accepted Accounting Principles all Accounting majors learn in college. The Internal Revenue Code sets the standards of tax accounting in the United States. These basic rules were crafted to emphasize consistency for tax accounting methods. These statutes have many references to applied financial accounting to determine the best method.

Because of the increasing complexity of tax codes and tax accounting, CPAs can find many opportunities for gainful employment if they are well versed in US tax accounting laws and regulations. Many corporations and even some small businesses have divisions dedicated to tax accountants who can wade through the all of the tax codes to find breaks and ways of avoiding paying more taxes than needed. For tax accountants, there has never been a better time to find a job in this specialty. With increased tax regulation, organizations need tax accountants to stay in compliance.

Barry Dufrene is a CPA who has worked in the government for 32 years. After he retired from the Parish of St. Mary in Louisiana in 2012, he started working in the private sector. He is the Chief Financial Officer of Yellow Fin Marine Services, LLC.

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How to Find Work as a Certified Public Accountant

Certified Public Accountants (CPAs) are financial wizards who help individuals and organizations of all kinds create solutions for handling their budgets and bills, their taxes, and their financial health. CPAs are extremely skilled professionals who can sift through the difficult and obtuse tax codes to find ways to save money for their employers, whether they are individuals filing personal returns, or corporations. CPAs can also specialize in forensic accounting or personal finance.

Before you can find a job as a CPA, you have to be licensed. All states in the United States require anyone who calls themselves a CPA to pass a four-stage exam. Some states require CPAs to gain work experience before they become certified as well. Passing this exam will take time and preparation, but once you’re certified, you can use the title CPA and start looking for organizations that need good accountants. You can also set up your own business and work for people on a client-to-client basis.

No matter what you choose to do, you will likely see many opportunities come your way once you start advertising your services as a CPA. The demand for good CPAs for individuals and organizations has never been higher. With extensive financial regulations becoming law since 2008, people who can understand legal changes to tax code and other financial laws have become much more valuable.

Barry Dufrene is a CPA based in Morgan City, Louisiana. After 32 years of working for the Parish of St. Mary, Dufrene now works for Yellow Fin Marine Services.

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