Bike Riding for Beginners – Barry Dufrene’s Tips for Success

Need to learn how to ride a bike or teach someone else how to enjoy the sport? Bike riding is a fun and healthy past-time that also serves as an environmentally friendly way to get around town. Barry Dufrene is a long-time cyclist who rides every single day in his hometown of Morgan City, Louisiana. Here are some tips he followed as a novice biker to learn how to ride:

  • Find a safe spot. Beginning bikers are often prone to falling. For this reason, try to start becoming familiar with your bike in an area that is heavily saturated with traffic or other potential hazards such as road construction.
  • Practice bicycle safety. Make sure to learn the rules of the road and avoid riding on sidewalks when possible. Also make sure to have the appropriate gear handy. A helmet should be worn at all times to prevent head injuries as a result of falling. Knee and elbow pads are also helpful for beginning cyclists until they become more confident in their skills.
  • Become familiar with the brakes. While this may seem like an obvious step to most seasoned cyclists, there are actually a couple of different places the breaking mechanism can be located – the most common being a lever on the handlebars.
  • Mount the bicycle. When mounting the bicycle for the first time, lowering the seat a little will help until balance becomes more of a second nature. This step may not be needed for particularly young children as their bikes are usually already pretty low.
  • Practice balancing by sitting on the bike with feet flat on the ground. This helps to get a feel for the center of gravity needed to maintain an upright position and really helps the rider to feel more comfortable on their bike in general.
  • Get prepared for the ride. Make sure the seat is adjusted to a level that makes reaching the pedals most comfortable. Also make sure to have a helmet securely fastened and a helping hand near in case of any accidents.
  • Get on your bike and pedal to success!

Barry Dufrene is a daily rider and used similar tips to get his cycling off to a great start.


About Barry Dufrene

Barry Dufrene is the Chief Financial Officer of Yellow Fin Marine Services, LLC. Yellow Fin is a marine supply company based in southern Louisiana. Yellow Fin provides full service boating logistics and support for the oil and gas industry in the Gulf of Mexico. The two owners of the company are experienced in vessel operations and shore side management for all kinds of working and pleasure boats.
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