Becoming A CPA Featuring Barry Dufrene

Ever wondered how large organizations are able to manage their finances efficiently when most of us can barely manage an individual tax return? Most – if not all – recruit the help of Certified Public Accountants (CPAs) such as Louisiana native Barry Dufrene.

CPA’s are skilled masters of budgeting, taxes, and overall financial health. They use their extensive education and knowledge to help individuals and companies understand complicated tax laws in order to maintain compliance while saving money. CPAs can also specialize in a narrowed down field of accounting such as personal finance.

Everyone has to start somewhere, and before a prospective CPA can officially use the title and start finding employment, they must first become licensed. This process consists of a four part exam in addition to a four year degree program. Some areas also require a certain amount of hands on experience before the budding accountant can even qualify for the exam.

Passing the CPA certification exam is often said to be extremely difficult with a fair amount of studying involved. However, once the exam is passed, the title of CPA can legally be used and opportunities should start opening up pretty quickly.

CPAs are in high demand due to economic hardship as well as ever evolving tax regulations. Companies and individuals alike are seeking help not only to comprehend these laws but also to minimize financial loss in an ethical way.

After over 3 decades of service as a CPA, Barry Dufrene is no stranger to helping others out of tough times. He currently resides in Morgan City, Louisiana where he is an active part of helping his community of St. Mary Parish.


About Barry Dufrene

Barry Dufrene is the Chief Financial Officer of Yellow Fin Marine Services, LLC. Yellow Fin is a marine supply company based in southern Louisiana. Yellow Fin provides full service boating logistics and support for the oil and gas industry in the Gulf of Mexico. The two owners of the company are experienced in vessel operations and shore side management for all kinds of working and pleasure boats.
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